Working in the present atmosphere

There is much fear and anxiety about, the time we live in can be defined as such. There is little that most folks trust, people don’t fear a specific thing, but everything and will do anything to escape it. Uncertainty and doubt lead to following snake oil salesman – destroying the competing vitriol is rarely a solution.

For us in the work the key is humility. We can be with anxiety and not attempt to escape, we can endure uncertainty and see that being so throws us off our ‘smug island of certainty’ to a world of potential. We can even appreciate the pain and fear and allow them to wake us up.

Let us not lose ourselves in our emotions and remain non-identified. Be an activist if you wish, fight injustice, help those in need if that is your calling. Stay non-identified.

In addition, work on the cause of the problem, energy imbalance – stay within your atmosphere, not leaking, opening to finer energy, remembering who we truly are and connect with gratitude to the gift of being human.