Mechanical Suffering

Briefly about Mechanical Suffering – I enclose a quote from Mr G that says a good deal. We often work in ways that bypass or rise above how we truly are and don’t see the ‘mechanical suffering’ we are participating in internally. Are we engaged in unnecessary bitterness, self pity and victimhood. Can we see this, relax our tensions, put the energy into presence and I-Am.

Can we let go of some of our habitual and mechanical suffering?

“If there is anything in the world that people do not understand it is the idea of sacrifice. They think they have to sacrifice something that they have. For example, I once said that they must sacrifice ‘faith,’ ‘tranquillity,’ ‘health.’ They understand this literally. But then the point is that they have not got either faith, or tranquillity, or health. All these words must be taken in quotation marks. In actual fact they have to sacrifice only what they imagine they have and which in reality they do not have. They must sacrifice their fantasies. But this is difficult for them, very difficult. It is much easier to sacrifice real things. Another thing that people must sacrifice is their suffering. It is very difficult also to sacrifice one’s suffering. A man will renounce any pleasures you like but he will not give up his suffering. Man is made in such a way that he is never so much attached to anything as he is to his suffering. And it is necessary to be free from suffering. No one who is not free from suffering, who has not sacrificed his suffering, can work. Later on a great deal must be said about suffering. Nothing can be attained without suffering but at the same time one must begin by sacrificing suffering.”

From In Search of the Miraculous