End of Year Message

As we approach the end of the year it can be useful to contemplate where we are and set our work into the next year with intention.

We are working with letting go of our unnecessary and mechanical suffering. Suffering and pain are a part of life, but we add to it from a habitual place within us – We sometimes don’t trust the moment and we look for something to be anxious or worry about – this is an automatic process. This can be knee-jerk in our self, from self-protection, or the opposite, where even our inner work in the moment can be a desire for just becoming more comfortable or secure.

Often our depression is a focusing on the past and our anxiety is a focus on the future. Peace exists in the present moment.

We can resent, cling to pain, bitterness, anxiety, self-pity, victimhood, anger. We sometimes arrange our angers at our most becoming angles.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves. We age well by admitting our flaws, inconsistencies, put-ons, masks, fears and humiliations. We make room for them.

Working and seeing with intention are key; breath and presence are important. We strive to see impartially, to be with the breath and our inner breath, to be with our presence. To be with the effort and struggle to be awake,  not succumbing to negativity and sleep while at the same time not fighting with ourselves. Opening to Third Force.

Happiness is a continuation of happening not resisted.

We bow to our presence and the highest in ourselves. We cultivate our inner Being during our waking day.

We bow and connect to our groups, to our group consciousness, to those who strive and seek as we do.

We bow to the higher, we allow in the higher, we strive to understand that nothing that is genuine is possible without help. We open and allow this.

To all of you a Happy Chanukah, a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.