Fourth Way Gurdjieff-Bennett group in Baltimore

During the current situation with stay in place, we are holding our group meetings over GoToMeeting. If you are interested in joining, please let us know and state your experience in the work if any, so we know which group would be appropriate.

The Fourth Way is a remarkable path for seekers of personal transformation that is non-denominational, ideal for people who want to be and work in the world and accessible to all. This is a path that is ‘in the world’ and approachable.
The Fourth Way was brought to the west by GI Gurdjieff a hundred years ago and one of his foremost students was JG Bennett. The leader of the Baltimore group worked personally with JG Bennett, and has led groups for more than thirty years. He also has decades of experience in Mindfulness work, Buddhism and Sufism. The work we do reaches deeply into the traditions, stories and techniques of Tibet and India, as well as Christianity and Judaism in ways that bring understanding and openness to our lives.

It is called the Fourth Way or ‘The Work’, as we work on not just the Intellectual, Physical or Emotional centers individually, but on all three simultaneously, for a harmonious and complete development and transformation.
Before we can begin to seek change, whether in others or the world we have to learn how to transform ourselves. Many people are searching for greater meaning and true purpose in their life. They yearn to be able to take the blinders off and create an inner life free of societal conditioning.
It is possible to learn to wake up from our sleep, negativity and dissatisfaction. We can transform ourselves and our attention by working with Presence, Mindfulness and Receptivity and learn how to access higher energy, intelligence and the help that is available to us.
We have had Gurdjieff-Bennett groups in Baltimore, Maryland for over 25 years. There are now two groups in Manhattan as well. In addition, there are weekly movements classes in the Gurdjieff sacred gymnastics.
Let us know of your interest to find a way to balance every day life with the bigger questions that pull inside of you.